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Monday, December 30, 2013

♥New experience with TaoBao via maybank2u♥: How to purchasefromTaoBaoChina????

♥Where ideas come to life♥: How to purchase from TaoBao China????: yop, it was a pleasant experience to shop with TaoBao.  i've heard about TaoBao many years ago but never do i have a chance to deal with Tao...
bikini from taobao as wearing !

Cosplay Dress from TaoBao - TinkerBell!

Wearing SEXY RED FULL length dress from TaoBao! Cost apx. RM45

Alright this would be my first repost in Blogspot, click on the above (link) before you continue to read the following... A good news to share is TaoBao allow ASEAN users to register and purchase from TaoBao , we can buy directly from TaoBao or read more from EverydayTaobao (link)Malaysia, a webside dedicated to help shoppers in Malaysia to shop better at Taobao!

I'm a frequent Maybank2u user, just realize that Maybank2u also allow us to direct purchase and pay via Maybank2u nowadays (

It's working the same still, but there is little changes on the website, this website allows you to translate in English if you using google chrome ...

Remember , always select translation to English

Firstly , you need to register an account, and start searching for the stuff that you want, not to forget to select Current location as mention at the above mentioned blog post.

Reason is because the forwarding agent that I normally select , " 4PX " , their forwarding warehouse located at ShenZhen, so if you try to purchase goods from Guangzhou or Shenzhen, the delivery will be faster, approximately one week can reach Malaysia after you do the online payment via Maybank2u.

Search for your "Baby" (things tht you would like to buy) and make the payment online via credit card / Maybank2u.

After which , confirm your order, system will bring you to this page as shown below, you will be able to see your "overseas address at the top of the page, please sure on your shipping address which located overseas (any places which out of China consider as overseas address)

After making the payment, then you need to wait for all your goods arrive in forwarding warehouse (转运订单)at Shenzhen. 

So this is so damn happy when you saw the "Freight" icon , this indicate that the goods("baby") has arrived in your preselected warehouse. Click on the "Freight" icon and you can start arrange for your goods delivery. (P/S: there is forwarding charges incurred to couriers the goods back to Malaysia from China which vary depend on the FOREX currency rates)

After which , you will go another page , click on express and your goods ("baby") will be move over to the "Pending Merger Courier" column! Click on "Combined" and you will be bringing to another page for forwarding charges payment @appx rm18 per kg to your ASEAN's address.  (P/S: the forwarding charges incurred to couriers the goods back to Malaysia from China which vary depend on the FOREX currency rates)


Updated in May 2017

Now , you can send your parcel to PostCo location if you are always out of office or no one can help to collect at home. 
refer to this link here
i've already in for this ! 
my first parcel arrived safe and sound at my PostCo location!
click here for PostCo Promo Code!

Hope it is useful and helpful to you ! Enjoy shopping !

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